Affirming the life of the preborn child, we provide medical and educational services to women in unplanned pregnancies, and those who significantly influence them, by encouraging Christ-centered, life-affirming and healthy lifestyle.



Value life. Love well.



Hope Women’s Center was founded in 2006 and as a non-profit Christ-focused, missional pregnancy center. We desire to reach teens, women and families experiencing unplanned pregnancies and provide them with compassionate assistance and accurate information to empower them to make healthy, informed pregnancy and lifestyle decisions. In 2008, we moved to our current location among medical offices and completed the medical conversion in 2011, giving us the ability to serve women through ultrasound. Hope Women’s Center continues to witness the importance of technology – when a client sees their child and hears its heartbeat, the decision for life significantly increases. In 2013, we began to serve the student and clients through STD testing and medication. Hope also provides one-on-one and small group guidance related to sexual integrity and post abortion healing. Clients are encouraged to consider biblical and life-affirming solutions to the challenges in their lives. All services are free and the ministry is supported almost entirely by private donations with some private foundation grants.



Hope Women’s Center affirms the following:
  • We believe God is the author, creator, and sustainer of all life.
  • We believe, promote and uphold the Biblical model for marriage and family, including premarital sexual abstinence and marital fidelity.
  • We believe Christians are called to be witnesses for the sanctity of life, to stand up for the innocent and the weak, and to reach out to those in crisis and in danger.
  • We believe life begins at conception/fertilization and is sacred throughout life.
  • We believe every pregnancy is a gift from God regardless of the circumstances of conception.
  • We believe every child is a blessing from the Lord regardless of the child’s physical and mental gifts or disabilities.
  • We believe the best interest of the mother and the child are always joined.
  • We believe abortion is the taking of defenseless human life and an attack on the image of God in the womb. (Genesis 5:1a)
  • We believe that abortion is physically, emotionally and spiritually harmful to women. An aborted child’s father may also experience significant emotional and spiritual pain.
  • We believe Christ forgives, cleanses, heals and transforms the repentant heart of a Christian.
  • We believe that placing a baby for adoption is a biblical and positive alternative to terminating an unplanned pregnancy. In many cases, adoption is also a biblical and positive alternative to single parenting.


LIFE – Hope Women’s Center believes life is valuable. We desire for every client and family that walks into Hope will come to know that through our service to them. Our heart is for our community to acknowledge and embrace the value of life.

LOVE  – Hope Women’s Center is committed to loving our clients well in the midst of their circumstances. We know that Christ first loved us in our sinfulness and we, therefore, strive to extend that love to our clients. To love them where they are is to love without condition or judgment – this is our daily goal.

EXCELLENCE – To serve with excellence is a bar that we hold high and strive to attain daily. This form of service is an extension of who we are as God’s ambassadors. We’re committed to follow this form of service with each individual client.

GODLINESS – The staff and board of Hope Women’s Center commit to pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness. We know that because of our faith in Jesus Christ, we are seen by God as righteous and blameless through His sacrifice on our behalf. We are committed to live our lives in accordance to His word and to honor Him in our work. This in and of itself, will form our integrity and strength.

GRACE – We believe it is by grace we have been saved. This grace has been extended to us by nothing we have done or achieved, but strictly as a gift from God.  Believing this, we will extend grace to each person we serve at Hope Women’s Center knowing that God will use our service and abilities to share His love to others. So too, this grace will illuminate an environment of safety, confidentiality and an atmosphere of a welcoming, non-judgmental spirit.

TRUSTWORTHY – Knowing that our clients need a place of rest, strength and hope, Hope Women’s Center will display confidence, confidentiality, and reliability. We will be consistent in character and persevere through hardships.